It was at a second hand shop in Munich where I first had the idea of doing a photo project promoting second hand fashion. When talking about it with my friend Obakeng Döhler who is not only a fashion designer but also the queen of second hand shopping, that idea started taking on form. And so in August Ob, my sister Sina Jolanda and me threw all our second hand clothes on a pile and started playing dress up. The result are three different collections and six different outfits. Enjoy.

obundsina-1 obundsina-2 obundsina-3obundsina-4 obundsina-5obundsina-6 obundsina-7 obundsina-8 obundsina-9 obundsina-10 obundsina-12 obundsina-13 obundsina-14 obundsina-17

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